News: BREXIT ANNOUNCEMENT - Plan on moving to Europe, move now

BREXIT ANNOUNCEMENT - Plan on moving to Europe, move now

It’s the news that we have all been waiting for!

Yes, you can go and live in Europe, with all your health and pension rights protected, for ever

The deal announced by Brexit negotiators on Friday is great news for those of you who had put their plans on hold. Here are the key facts. Bear in mind, however, that this is a draft agreement. It also does not cover future rights if you wish move after we leave the EU.

Brexit deal: your 10 need to knows

1. British people living in the EU will continue to have the same rights as now, so long as they live there before the UK exits, presumably in March 2019.

2. That includes workers, self-employed, students, the retired and the “economically inactive citizens” of any age.

3. Your right to free or subsidised healthcare will be protected in the EU, for as long as you live there.

4. For their entire lifetime, British citizens living in the European Union will be able to have family members join them. That includes spouses, parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

5. British people living in EU countries may in the future bring a spouse to live with them from the UK.

6. Your rights to social security, health, education, higher education, employment and running a business will also continue just as if you are an EU citizen. You cannot be discriminated against in any way.

7. There will be simple, free and streamlined procedures for claiming residency in EU countries. Countries will be “flexible” in assessing your evidence.

8. You can leave the EU country for up to five years and move back without losing your EU rights.


9. It does not specify whether British citizens may move from one EU state to another and retain the same rights.

10. There may be checks of criminal records.

Now is the time to start seriously planning your move!

11 Dec 2017

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